Can I claim from a health fund or Medicare in seeing you?

No.  I am not registered with a Health Fund or Medicare.


What are your qualifications?

Read about my practice here including qualifications.


Are you a Jungian Analyst?

I am not a Jungian Analyst.


How many sessions will I need in Sandplay?

Sandplay is more like a process for the soul.  It is soul work.  It can take a while for the soul to find resolution and healing to what ails us.


Are you a shaman?

No I am not an initiated Shaman.  I work shamanically.  I have been exploring shamanism for about 15 years including taking people on shamanic journeys.  Two specific teachers Cheryl Maddock (Carlton River, TAS), and Raphael Locke (Perth, WA) introduced me to particular expressions of shamanism – at different times – including: Vision Quest, sweat lodge, snake medicine, the river, the well, soul retrieval, upper and lower world journeys, power animals, etc.