Derek Tys

Talking doesn't always work.  With art therapy words are not as necessary.  You don't even have to be creative or an artist.  Just have a willingness to explore and play; the insights will come!

Working from a transpersonal and Jungian perspective, I am here to understand you, to listen respectfully, and to assist in finding greater meaning in life.

My name is Derek, an Accredited Social Worker and therapist based in the Lismore (NSW) area, as a practitioner at Inner Sanctvm natural therapies clinic. 

Art Therapy is an expressive therapy that can be useful to work out issues around: anxiety, stress, decisions to make, seeking clarity, grief, addictions, pain, mental disorders, diseases, self-exploration and to gain insights.

Sandplay Therapy is another expressive therapy.  Using sand, the container and objects that are symbolic, Sandplay Therapy can assist clients to gain emotional release and realisation.  It can assist with developmental concerns and seeking resolution to long unresolved issues.

I also specialise in: Alcohol & Other Drugs, Group Art Therapy, and Dream work.